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Catch and hold your wax seal necklace charms with a sterling silver swivel fob, or dog clip, wax seal charm catcher holder, reminiscent of the Georgian and Victorian Eras when both ladies and gentlemen would clasp their fobs, watches, charms and wax seals to a fob swivel that was attached to a short chain attached to a vest or waist coat, the swivel used to keep the chain from twisting so it would lie flat.

- description -
Use the silver swivel fob wax seal charm catcher for just one wax seal charm or cluster up to 2 or 3 charms together.

The swivel fob holder opens by pushing the pivot near the base/swivel part of the charm. 

- approximate measurement - 7/8” x 1/4" (23mm x 8mm)
- metal - sterling silver (.925 silver)
- select shiny or antiqued oxidized finish
- listing is for one swivel fob charm catcher
- wax seal charms sold separately
- photographed next to an old US dime

Have a little fun and link them together to create an interesting bracelet, shown in the third and fourth photos.  You can even add charms and change it up as often as you desire.
Shown is a 7 1/4" bracelet made with 9 swivel fobs.  Adding one more swivel fob will make an 8" bracelet. 

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Impressed with history!