Handcrafted wax seal jewelry and whimsical embellishments … connecting the past to the present, borrowing from history to create meaningful and inspirational jewelry you can connect to.

Suegray has been creating sentimental jewelry since the turn of the 21st century. Her exploration in jewelry making includes many fine metals classes; including RISD, Metalwerx and The Bench RI and a lot of trial and error.
Much of her collection is borrowed from history and reinterpreted into jewelry.
She impresses meaningful antique wax seals, which were intended to seal letters closed with colorful melted wax, into sterling silver to create a variety of jewelry. She also fabricates trinkets from the past into jewelry items and she has recently begun challenging herself by carving wax to be cast into silver and bronze rings.

In early 2017, after a significant loss, she found herself even more drawn to mourning jewelry. On the morning of her father’s death she received her previous order of an antique signet ring with a winged hourglass engraving, an early gravestone symbol that represents that death comes too soon for many - time flies. The coincidence was not lost on her and she hopes to bring comfort to others who are grieving with her expanding remembrance jewelry collection.

The imagery on every wax seal and jewelry item is well researched to determine its provenance, meaning and symbolism, to translate sentiments, proverbs and mottos inscribed in other languages and to identify text that is sometimes so small that it is difficult to read.
Each jewelry treasure has a story and will arrive with a descriptive informational card.

The jewelry on this website is not shown actual size and is not always proportional in size with other items on the same page.

If you’d like something longer, shorter, bigger or smaller please contact her with your preferences and she will do her best to accommodate you.