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Inspired by the natural beauty of the puka shells found scattered on the shoreline, I have taken their beauty a step further to create this wonderfully simple spiral sterling silver puka shell necklace pendant ... jewelry found between the tides.

- description -
The puka shell is a beach worn piece of a cone shell, naturally occurring with a beautiful spiral leading to a hole in the center of the shell fragment ... the smoothing of the broken shell fragment is the result of being tossed and tumbled by the tides and waves.

- symbolism -
Legend has it that wearing a puka shell ensures a peaceful and safe voyage.

- approximate measurement - large 5/8" (15mm), medium 1/2" (12mm)
- puka shell metal - sterling silver (.925 silver)
- photographed with a US dime and a one inch ruler for scale
- puka shell charm only, necklace chain shown sold separately here
- select puka shell size large or medium

Hand cast in sterling silver from puka shells I picked up between the tides in Puerto Rico.

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Impressed with history!