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This little figural left hand necklace pendant is holding an ouroboros split ring.  Fun and whimsical jewelry.

The ouroboros, snake eating its own tail, is a split ring with a small overlap on the back side (see photo).
The necklace chain threads through the top of the hand, and the chain shown fits easily through the tiny hole at the top but if you don't order with this chain, I would recommend a chain with a loop size smaller than 2mm.

- hand measurement - 1"x just over 1/4" (25mm x 9mm)
- 3D solid sterling silver (.925) hand charm, full details all around
- ouroboros measurement - 3/4" (18mm)
- 3D solid sterling silver (.925) ouroboros, full details all around
- total length - almost 1 1/2" long (37mm)
- listing is for one hand holding ouroboros
- photographed next to an old US dime for scale

- symbolism -
Hands were popular symbols in sentimental Victorian jewelry, often symbolic of loyalty, strength, romance and fidelity.
An ancient symbol, the ouroboros signifies infinity and the cycle of life and death.

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Impressed with history!

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