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A Halloween card filled with 9 spooky Halloween necklace charms - ghost, pumpkin, spider, skull, ouroboros, cat, skeleton key, doll head and more charms ... Hallowe’en Pudding and Cake Charms, designed to be worn as necklace pendants for fun and versatile Halloween jewelry ... whimsigoth jewelry.

What started as an idea much earlier this year has finally come to fruition ... the idea was born from a 1930’s set of Hallowe'en Pudding and Cake Charms, a grouping of tiny pressed sterling silver charms that were traditionally individually tied with a ribbon as cake pulls, or wrapped in wax paper, and they were baked into a pie, cake or Christmas pudding for an amusing fortune telling surprise.

In an attempt to bring back an amazing tradition that began in the UK back in the 17th century and evolved over the years, I’ve created nine little Hallowe’en Pudding and Cake Charms, many of them 3 dimensional, and each charm has a different fortune derived from the 1930 edition of the Gypsy Witch Dream Book. These charms were designed be worn as necklace pendants but who knows, it might be fun to pull them from a cake?

On each card, the charms are suspended above their fortune:

sterling silver ouroboros - eternity
crafted from a modified Georgian era (1714 - 1830) watch key, 3D, height 5/8”

sterling silver cat - intuition
crafted from the cat on a carded 1930's Hallowe'en Pudding and Cake Charms set, height 5/8”

bronze skull - great profit
impressed from just a portion of an antique Georgian wheel wax seal (1714 - 1830), height 3/8”

sterling silver spider - mystery and growth
hand carved in wax and cast, 3D, height 3/8”

sterling silver Charlotte head - liberty
crafted from an antique porcelain Frozen Charlotte doll that dates back to 1860, 3D, height 3/8”

sterling silver scythe charm - unexpected message
modified from a vintage/antique charm bracelet, 3D, height 7/8” 

bronze ghost - good fortune
hand carved in wax and cast, 3D, height 1/2”

bronze pumpkin - good news
hand carved in wax and cast, 3D, height 1/2”

bronze haunted house key - love and fortune
modified from a vintage tiny quatrafoil skeleton key, 3D, height 5/8”

- charm measurements listed above
- photographed with a US dime and inch ruler for scale
- metal - sterling silver and bronze charms
- the jump rings are .925 sterling silver
- shown on an oxidized chain sold separately here

Heed the warnings on the back of the Hallowe'en card:
If used in food please use with care;
the charms can be a choking hazard and a dental hazard
and cannot go into a microwave.

the Hallowe'en Pudding and Cake charm set is also available with all of the same charms in .925 sterling silver instead of mixed with the above bronze charms.

all of the necklace charms are available individually in separate charm listings but the grouping on the Hallowe'en card is discounted a bit compared to the individual charm listings.

As always, I do recommend the polish pad for bronze jewelry as it turns quickly: https://www.etsy.com/listing/82422231/silver-polishing-pad-for-wax-seal?

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