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A sweet little pumpkin necklace pendant with its ribbed skin and a twirly little vine straight from the pumpkin patch. Cool season Halloween jewelry, perhaps a Halloween gift for someone special.

I hand sculpted the pumpkin from a chunk of carving wax and had it lost wax cast in solid sterling silver.
I've made the little pumpkin so that many chains will fit through the loop in its vine, incorporating the the bail into the pumpkin design, and in doing so the twirly vine will be off to the side. If you prefer to suspend from your own chain, which might be a little thicker than mine, or if you prefer to see the twirly vine in the front the charm is also available with the jump ring attached. The photos will further describe this.

The pumpkin is symbolic of prosperity, growth and abundance probably because it’s
resilient, finding ways to grow large in sparse soil and sharing nutrients along a connected vine that reaches into the ground to replenish itself.

- ghost measurements - 1/2" (11mm) x just over 3/8" (10mm)
- the ghost is 3D and detailed on all sides
- photographed with a US dime and inch ruler for scale
- metal - sterling silver (.925 silver)
- listing is for one pumpkin charm
- the necklace chain shown is sold separately here.

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