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Raise your glass! Here's to a whimsical reversible antiqued brass panel watch fob, each panel with a different toast or ditty. A fob-ulous necklace, bracelet, or vest fob as it was meant to be! And perfectly inappropriate, as history often is!

- description -

* 1st panel - “here’s to our wives & sweethearts, may they never meet”
- reverse - the American flag.

* 2nd panel - “wine and women, mirth and laughter, sermons and soda the day after” with a well dressed gentleman lifting his glass to a well dressed curvy woman.
- reverse - “here’s to love, the only fire against which there is no insurance” with a little winged person.

* 3rd - “good form but not formality” surrounding a curvy woman.
- reverse - “the bubble winked at me and said, I'll miss you brother when you are dead” with a gentleman, sitting in a chair, raising his glass in toast.

* bottom panel - a beer stein with a lid
- reverse - “the good die young, here's to your ripe old age.”

*the optional round medallion - "better smoke here than hereafter" with a group of men smoking
- reverse - "here is your goot healdth und your familys goot healdth and may you all live long und brosber" from the man having difficulty toasting, glass held high.

The connected watch fob panels have a working dog clip at both the top and bottom allowing it to be worn as a necklace or with shorter chain segments it can be worn as a bracelet, changeable as the mood strikes you. If you'd like the option to wear the vest fob as a bracelet just contact me and we can make it happen!  A bracelet is not an option if you choose the panel fob with the round medallion at the bottom.
It's shown on an oxidized 18" sterling silver cable chain, 2mm thick, but there are more chains are available here.

fob panel metal - antiqued brass
jump rings metal - antiqued brass
dog clips metal - antiqued brass (these don't swivel as the SS does)
fob width - 1" (24mm)
fob length - 5 3/4" (148mm)
included charms - brass cocktail shaker and martini glass or round medallion
optional with the round panel medallion - 5 5/8" (141mm)

I’ve cast the whimsical fob chain charms from a fabulous antique watch fob chain that likely dates back to between 1890 and 1910, and the turn of the century was a time when attitudes were very different. For 200 years, on Saturday evenings at the Royal Navy mess hall, officers would raise their glasses to the traditional toast "Here's to our wives and sweethearts" to which the unofficial reply was "May they never meet!" It was officially changed in 2013.

Watch fob chains have been popular since the 16th century as a means to connect a pocket watch to a buttonhole or waistcoat so that the pocket watch could quickly be retrieved from the pocket. As time passed, the fobs and fob chains became more decorative, jewelry-like and more of a fashion statement.

Impressed with history!