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Wind it back in time with a wonderful Victorian gloved hand holding a riding crop or looped rope watch key necklace charm.
The figural hand is holding a riding crop and the winding key extends beyond the wrist. Horseback riding inspired jewelry was very popular during the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

- symbolism -
Hands were popular symbols in sentimental Victorian jewelry, often symbolic of loyalty, strength, romance and fidelity.

- approximate pendant measurement - 5/8" x just over 1 3/4” (15mm x 45mm)
- charm metal  - sterling silver (.925 silver)
- photographed with an old US dime for scale
- select the hand watch key only (with jump ring) or the watch key on a sterling silver dog clip swivel fob (as shown in the 8th photo)
- the chain is sold separately here
- more chains and charm holders are available here

This Victorian hand watch key has been reproduced from my collection of interesting novelty watch keys, and is shown in the photo, but it is not meant to wind your pocket watch since the replica key hole size may be off.

A watch key, or key wind, was necessary to wind the watch and to set the movements. The sizes of the watch keys varied, and were made to fit the square shaft in the pocket watch to wind the watch, and the styles varied, some were no more than functional and some were fabulously ornate.

Impressed with history!
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The last photo shows a few of the antique watch keys in my personal collection, some of which are available as replicas.