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A lovely, graceful antique unmounted oval carnelian swan intaglio, nicely detailed and makes a very nice impression.

Please look closely at the pictures for any signs of wear or tiny nibbles to the carnelian stone ... it's in very good shape ready for mounting.

- matrix measurement - 3/4" (20mm) x 5/8" (15mm) x 1/8" (3mm) thick

A fob seal is a small wax seal matrix encased in a metal mount shank, or hard stone, designed for suspension from a short chain or ribbon which attaches to a pocket watch and is worn hanging in front of a vest or waist or chatelaine.

An intaglio, in the case of wax seals, is created by engraving below the surface of a smooth stone, the design in reverse, so that when impressed into melted wax the design is a relief of that carved image.

The intaglio seals in the fobs were hard stone, like carnelian, quartz, amethyst, etc., metal or often glass or paste, a composite of materials tinted and made to look like gemstones but affordable to many with a much lesser price.

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