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Because everyone needs their own little sterling silver spider necklace charm!

- description -

The spider, an 8 legged arthropod with fangs capable of injecting venom.
Did you know that the female spider is typically much larger than the male? Or that they're symbolic of female empowerment?

It is said that the spider represents a strong feminine energy, creativity, patience, balance, strength, manifestation and wisdom. Having 8 legs and a body shaped like the numeral 8, the spider is symbolic of infinity.

I’ll be hanging a little spider on my Christmas tree for good luck.
The Christmas spider folk tale goes like this … a widowed mother was too poor to afford Christmas tree decorations, so friendly spiders visited and spun elaborate webs on the family evergreen tree.
When the children awoke on Christmas morning and the mother opened the curtains, sunshine hit the webs, turning them silver and gold - this may be the origin of tinsel.
From then on the family celebrated good fortune.

- this listing is for just one little spider
- approximate measurement - almost 1" x  3/4” (25mm x 19mm)

- spider metal - sterling silver (.925 silver)

- photographed with a US dime for scale
- charm only - chain sold separately here.

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Handcrafted from an old vintage spider pin from my personal collection.

Impressed with history!