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A whimsical wintry snow ghost necklace pendant … spooky winter jewelry.  

Snow ghosts are usually seen haunting up high in the mountains.  They are trees covered in what looks like snow but is really rime ice - super cooled water droplets that freeze in a mix of wind, cloud and fog - and they accumulate layer after layer on the trees, but this little snow ghost pendant was hand sculpted in wax and lost wax cast in sterling silver.

- snow ghost measurements - 3/4" (20mm) x 3/8" (9mm)
- the snow ghost is 3D and detailed on all sides
- photographed with a US dime and inch ruler for scale
- metal - sterling silver (.925 silver)
- snow ghost charm only - please find chains here
- listing is for one snow ghost charm

Inspired by the snow covered trees seen everywhere while visiting Aspen, CO where it snows and snows and snows ... luckily, I carry waxes and carving tools when I travel and on a quiet afternoon while everyone else was out skiing I happily began carving.
I still call spooky snow covered trees snow ghosts because that's what they look like, and that’s what I’ve always called them, but scientifically they are not ... boo!

A bit about the origin of the English word ghost ~ it was derived from the Old English word gāst, a noun that meant spirit, soul, breath and angel.

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