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You'll have lots of small skulls encircling your wrist with this fabulous skulls bangle bracelet, a way of connecting the past to the present.  Memento mori wax seal jewelry.

*Please note, I will try to keep at least one bracelet already made and ready to ship but I am also making pre-orders available which can take up to 3 - 4 weeks to complete before shipping.  Availability is shown in the drop down box.

- symbolism - 
In heraldry, the skull is symbolic of mortality and a reminder that death comes to all living things ... the Latin sentiment MEMENTO MORI means remember your death and is meant to inspire you to intentionally think about your own death every day, as a means of appreciating the present and focus on the future.

Hand crafted by impressing many small skulls, from an antique Georgian wheel wax seal (1714 - 1830), into wax and then forming these together to create the bangle which is then cast in sterling silver and finished.

The amazing full size wax seal depicts a skull surrounded by the Latin sentiment ES FVI SVM ERIS which translates YOU ARE, I WAS, YOU WILL BE and it's depicted in several of the photos.

General bracelet details and measurements - each handcrafted so will vary slightly
- bracelet metal - sterling silver (.925)
- approximate height - approximately 3/8"
- approximate inside diameter - 2 1/2” 
- approximate inside circumference - 7 1/2" - 7 3/4"
- approximately 19 -20 skulls but this can vary per bracelet as each little skull is individually created

If you need the bangle a little smaller or larger we can talk about it in advance, pricing will vary, and I can create a custom order bracelet for you but please understand, the measurements might not be exact because it will be created with fewer or additional skulls and custom orders might take 3 - 4 weeks before shipping.

Impressed with history!

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