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A duet of solitary small bronze skull wax seal dangle earrings ... meaningful memento mori wax seal jewelry and whimsigoth jewelry.

- symbolism -
In heraldry, the skull is symbolic of mortality and a reminder that death comes to all living things ... the Latin sentiment MEMENTO MORI means remember your death and is meant to inspire you to intentionally think about your own death every day, as a means of appreciating the present and focus on the future.

- approximate measurement - almost 3/8” or 11/36" to be exact (8mm)
- shown with a US dime and a one inch ruler for scale
- wax seal charm metal - bronze
- ear wires - gold filled
- little plugs for the ear wires are included so that if you use them you won't lose an earring

Impressed from just a portion of an antique Georgian wheel wax seal (1714 - 1830), shown in the photographs, the full size wax seal depicting a skull surrounded by the Latin sentiment ES FVI SVM ERIS which translates YOU ARE, I WAS, YOU WILL BE.

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Impressed with history!