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Illuminate your day or night with a delightful little shooting star necklace pendant ... magical celestial make a wish jewelry.

IN TENEBRIS LUCIDIOR - it's brighter in the darkness

The North Star, or Polaris, is an ancient symbol of guidance and direction ... navigators and travelers have long used the North Star to determine their location and navigate the seas.

- approximate star measurement - almost 5/8” (15mm x 17mm) not including loops and 1/8” thick (3mm)
- metal - solid sterling silver (.925 silver) (not hollow)
- photographed with a US dime and an inch ruler for scale
- select whether you'd like the star pendant with a shiny silver finish or an oxidized finish (7th & 8th photos)
- charm only, chain sold separately here
- the star shown suspended on a sterling silver cable chain with a spring ring clasp

find the moon and star necklace here.
or just the crescent moon pendant here.

I've sculpted the puffy solid star from a chunk of carving wax, sand cast it in sterling silver and finished it up before having it lost wax cast in sterling silver. Then it was polished up and finished in my own little studio ... hand crafted jewelry because how it's made matters.

Once again, inspired by a magical Alice Hoffman novel ... The Probable Future ... the book begins when a young girl first emerges from the woods with nothing but the clothes on her back, a silver star (necklace), a silver bell and a compass … and the book ends with a bit about the star necklace and because it's jewelry this was important to me but it is just a little subplot in a magical novel loaded with beautiful subplots ... I so highly recommend a read!

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