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I have painstakingly wrapped fifty-five to seventy pieces of authentic sea glass, in varying shapes and shades, in a silver plate wire and fashioned them into a round wreath shape that measures between 7″- 8″ diameter. 
There’s a little hook at the top for hanging… it looks great in a sunny window! 

Choose from 3 wreath styles:
- the multi color sea glass wreath - a mix of many shades of green and pale green, white, lavender, cobalt and brown
- the coca cola bottle sea glass wreath made with only the sea foam and pale green sea glass shades from old coca cola bottles - It's the real thing!
- holiday green sea glass wreath for the holiday season - a mix of many shades of green and pale green with the addition of a few little red recycled glass beads to be reminiscent of holly berries and add a splash of color.  

Please remember, the finished wreath will vary from the photos because sea glass is a found object so shade, shape and size will vary naturally.
The quantity of sea glass wreaths available are limited and each is made to order so may take up to 1 - 2 weeks to complete.

I was really excited to see my colorful sea glass wreath featured in the October 2007 issue of Coastal Living Magazine.  And yes, that's me with the really short hair in the lower left picture.