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Embrace your inner creativity!  You select the color and I'll put together a small grab bag of jewelry quality sea glass pieces.

- description -
Authentic sea glass that I have found along the shore, after being tumbled by the surf upon the sand and rocks, making it smooth and frosty naturally. The size, shade, and thickness will vary naturally.  The first photo shows a mix of the jewelry quality sea glass colors but it is only available if you purchase all 5 color bags.

Choose from green, pale green/sea foam, white, brown, or darker varied greens.  There will be 12 pieces of sea glass in the jewelry quality sea glass in the small organza bags.

Also available is a grab bag of mixed color craft sea glass, containing all the colors above plus blue but while some pieces may be jewelry quality, many are not.  The mixed color craft sea glass contains approximately 50 pieces of sea glass and each assortment will vary.

The sea glass pieces will measure between 3/8" - 1" and they are photographed with a US dime for scale.  The photos depict sample bags but these are not the bags you will receive as sea glass varies naturally.

“My life is like a stroll on the beach... as near to the edge as I can go”
~ Henry David Thoreau