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A sweet and simple rose hip necklace pendant ... no longer the closed rose bud, the rose has bloomed and faded to become the rose hip, unpruned ... celebrating such beauty in every phase of the life cycle.  Unique jewelry rich with meaning and symbolism.

- measurements - 1/2” plus loop (12mm) making it 3/4” including loop (19mm) x 1/4" (7mm) thick all around
- metal - solid sterling silver (.925 silver) and 3D, detailed all around
- photographed with a US dime and inch ruler for scale
- listing is for one rose hip charm only
- the chains are sold separately here   

I sand cast the rose hip plucked from a local rose bush.  After sand casting and cleaning up I had it lost wax cast in sterling silver ... hand crafted jewelry because how it's made matters.

A little bit about the rose hip ... it's the fruit of the flower of love ... the rose, after the pollinated rose opens and then fades it begins to form and ripen in late summer through autumn unless it has been pruned.

It is said that the rose hip can create a calm and peaceful atmosphere and is often used in love spells and rituals, from attracting love to enhancing to self-love and that it has many metaphysical powers ... love, friendship, luck, healing, protection, knowledge, mystery, psychic powers, abundance, death and rebirth.  Sleep with rose hips under your pillow ... it's thought to protect against bad dreams.
There is so much more wonderful information about the rose hip available; tales, folklore, recipes, meanings, rituals ... but I'll stop here and leave it to you.

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