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Make it personal!  Choose a letter initial wax seal necklace charm to personalize a necklace or bracelet ... keepsake wax seal jewelry with a nod to history and AnneBoleyn.

- shown with a US dime for scale
- wax seal charm metal - sterling silver .925
- charm only, chains sold separately here
- select the initial letter - note some letters have multiple size and font options
- all initial letters, fonts and sizes are shown in photos 2, 3
- wax seal letter charms are categorized and priced by size small, medium, large

- small charms measure approximately 1/2"- B C D F I M N O P R - photos 4, 5
in a shield - B F M P
round - I N O R   
oval - D   
in ouroboros - C R
in a square - D
- medium charms, all round, measure approximately 5/8"- A B D E F K Q R T Y Z
- photos 6 & 7

- large charms measure approximately 5/8" - 3/4" - photos 8, 9, 10
oval Artistic Modern 1917 - A B C E F G H J L M N O P R S T U V W
square C
round P

Hand crafted from my personal collection of Victorian era (1837 - 1901) desk wax seals.  I don't have the entire alphabet in any one font and I have not yet acquired the letter initial X ... still looking!

Chains, charm catchers and swivel fobs are available here

Inspired by Anne Boleyn who often wore her initial around her neck ... Impressed with history!

A little information about the larger oval seals in the photographs:
They are Dennison Initial Seals, described as No. 8, the wax seals with the oval brass seal matrix on a handle, flared at the top and made of ebonized natural wood.
The initial letter font is described as Artistic Modern and the wax seal sold for 25 cents in January of 1917, confirmed in an ad found in the 23rd edition of Art and Decoration in Dennison's Crepe and Tissue Paper, which sold for 10 cents. It’s highly likely that the wax seals were sold well before 1917 because the Dennison family business began in 1844 in Brunswick, Maine.  Shown in the last photos, their wax seal set and my collection of Dennison seals. The sealing wax set and wax seals are shown in photos 11 and 12