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An antique round steel seal stamp emblazoned with an engraved family crest, within the shape of a diamond, a horse rearing from within a coronet and the year 1250.  There's a tiny little fleur de lis on the top center of the crown ... ready to make an impression!
I believe it to be a wax seal die for a seal maker.
There are age marks on it which could be a little rust from time and use, as shown in the photographs.  It's been used to impress into wax as noted by the tiny bits of wax in the engraving, for example the to horse leg.  Sometimes there is a stamp on the side of these steel seal, usually numbers, likely meant to identify something but there is no stamp present on this seal.

The steel seal dates back to the Georgian era (1714 - 1830) but not 1250, as engraved on the seal itself.  The 1250 marks some important time in history for the original owners of the crest seal.

- approximate height measurement - 3/4" (20mm) 
- matrix measurement -7/8" (20mm)
- metal - steel

All sales final on antique wax seals - no returns
Go make some history!