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Illuminate the night, or day, with a delightful waxing crescent moon wax seal necklace pendant - sterling silver inspirational wax seal jewelry.

Every one is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody ~ Mark Twain

symbolism -
In heraldry, the moon is emblematic of serenity and serene power over mundane actions. The crescent represents one who hopes of greater glory or one who has been honored by the sovereign.
The waxing crescent moon is symbolic of new beginnings and a call to action. It’s a great time to work toward the goals that are right in front of you.
Extremely popular during the Georgian and Victorian eras, the crescent represented change, cycles, and the ebb and flow of life.

- approximate measurement - 1/2" (14mm x 13mm)

- photographed with a US dime and inch ruler for scale

- wax seal charm metal - sterling silver (.925 silver)

- chain - a sterling silver cable chain with a spring ring clasp
- select the chain length or the charm only at checkout

Impressed from a small Scottish Victorian Era (1837 - 1901) carved carnelian agate desk wax seal.

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It is said that the scythe represents the crescent moon, with two paths on death. One leads to the Moon, the path of reincarnation and the other leads to the Sun which is the path of liberation from reincarnation. Shown together in the last picture, the scythe charm is available here.

Impressed with history!