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A very historic and noble wax seal necklace with the sentiment CHE SARA SARA meaning whatever will be, will be. Wonderfully historic wax seal jewelry.
Within the armorial shield are 3 escallop shells above a lion rampant and a tiny crescent moon. The shield is supported by a larger lion rampant and an antelope and above the heraldic shield is a goat.
In the banner below the shield is the Italian sentiment CHE SARA SARA which translates WHAT WILL BE WILL BE or WHAT MUST BE, MUST BE, an old English heraldic motto.  
Please note that the words are tiny and challenging to read.  

- symbolism -
In heraldry, the goat is a symbol of practical wisdom and an emblem of a man who wins victories through diplomacy rather than war.
The lion rampant is symbolic of dauntless courage, the antelope represents harmony, political cunning and peace. The crescent represents one who has been honored by the sovereign and hope of great glory.  The escallop shell was much used by pilgrims to symbolize a pilgrimage.

- approximate measurement - 3/4" x 7/8" (19mm x 24mm)
- wax seal charm metal - sterling silver (.925 silver)
- chain - a sterling silver cable chain with a spring ring clasp
- select the necklace chain length or just the charm at checkout

Hand crafted from a Georgian era (1714 – 1830) Italian fob wax seal.
The very historic and noble crest belonged to the The Duke and Earl of Bedford, (named after Bedford, England) The Marquess of Tavistock, &c. those with family surname Russell and Chatfield.  

Plate 66 - crest 1

Impressed with history!