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With a nod to days gone by, a little sterling silver Kewpie doll necklace pendant … some may describe her as cute and others creepy. Historic one of a kind whimsical doll jewelry.

- approximate doll measurement, not including loop or bail - 1" x 1/2” (25mm x 12mm)

- doll metal - reclaimed sterling silver (.925 silver) 

- the chain is sold separately here.
- photographed with a US dime and a one inch ruler for scale

I have sand cast the little vintage painted metal Kewpie doll in reclaimed sterling silver and finished her up with a little bit of creepy in mind. Because each is individually sand cast, yes one at a time in my little studio, there will likely be slight variations in texture, due to the hand painted surface of the original kewpie doll and the fact that it was individually hand cast in sand.

Rose O’Neill created a popular comic strip about Kewpie dolls in 1909.  The dolls were named Kewpie, a baby talk version of Cupid, and the comic was about a little round fairy meant to show people how to be merry and kind. 
Later, because it was so popular, she began marketing kewpie paper dolls and they were so popular that a few years later, in 1912, began marketing little kewpie bisque or porcelain dolls.
I don’t know when the little novelty metal versions became available, or why, but wonder if it was a little Cracker Jack prize? 

Rose O'Neill and Kewpie have a fascinating history and if you want to read more I found this but it does have a lot of pop up ads:  https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/prolific-illustrator-behind-kewpies-used-her-cartoons-womens-rights-180968497/

Impressed with history!

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