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A sweet little Lucky Cat necklace charm, borrowed from history from a carded 1930's Hallowe'en Pudding and Cake Charms set.  

The original set displayed 9 talisman charms, all pressed sterling charms, so I've modified the cat a bit to make it a solid charm with a flat plain back. 

- cat charm size - 5/8" including attached loop x 3/8" (17mm x 8mm) (not including the jump ring) ... it's small
- photographed with a US dime and inch ruler for scale
- metal - sterling silver (.925 silver)
- listing is for one cat charm, select original cat or black cat
- the chain is sold separately here

From what I've read the tradition of these charms began in the UK back in the 17th century and evolved over the years.
By the mid 1800's the Victorians began tying a ribbon to the little trinket talisman charms - cake pulls - and they were baked into a pie, cake or Christmas pudding.
The different charms were talismans with different meanings - a silver coin would bring wealth, a wishbone meant make a wish or good luck, a thimble meant thrift but according to my card it meant old maid, the cat was lucky, etc.

Perhaps this set of Hallowe'en charms was meant for a similar tradition in Ireland. Little talisman charms were baked into a Halloween Brack, or barmbrack, similar to a fruitcake, and on Hallow's Eve family members, or single women, would gather round the table to cut into the Halloween Brack. Everyone would find their own talisman hidden in their slice to divine their future. Fascinating fortune telling!

Impressed with history!

 I'd have to recommend that you don't bake it in a cake ... while the idea is so interesting I'd worry about a choking hazard ... unless you wrap it in wax paper, or as in Ireland, greaseproof paper.