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A beautifully textured spiky coffin nail necklace pendant … rustic colorful bronze casket nail jewelry.

It is said that the square headed coffin nail offers protection.

- approximate measurement - 1 7/8“ (48mm) including loop x just over 1/4” (8mm)
- the spiky coffin nail is 3D and beautifully textured on all four sides
- the suspension loop inside measures 5/32” (5mm)

- metal - bronze
- ***please note, the coloring on the bronze nails vary naturally and will likely change as bronze does when exposed to the elements
- photographed with a US dime and inch ruler for scale
- please note, it's the charm only, shown with an oxidized sterling silver cable chain sold separately here.

I have sand cast this old rusty nail in sterling silver and then had it lost wax cast in sterling silver ... hand crafted jewelry where how it's made matters. 
The person from whom I purchased the original nail said it didn't come from an old coffin but it did live in the earth in a cemetery for a year which gave it this marvelous texture which was then enhanced by the process of sand casting.
Some photos show the rusty casket nails from which the nail pendant was sand cast but the rusty nails are not available for purchase.

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History made wearable!

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