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MAY IT WATCH OVER YOU with the all seeing eye wax seal necklace.
It's the perfect inspirational gift talisman for travel or any new endeavor, offering the wearer protection and guidance!

- description -
An open eye is surrounded by rays of light and the words MAY IT WATCH OVER YOU surround it.

- symbolism -
In heraldry, the eye symbolizes providence in government.

Hand cast from an antique Edwardian era, 1901 - 1910. It came in its own fitted leather case.

- approximate measurement - almost 3/4” (17mm)
- wax seal charm metal - fine silver (.999 pure and recycled silver)
- photographed with an old US dime, same size as a current dime
- chain - a sterling silver cable chain with a spring ring clasp.
- select the necklace chain length or just the charm at checkout.

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Impressed with history!

*The all seeing eye of God, surrounded by rays of light, often represents the eye of God watching over humankind... thus the words “may it watch over you” written above the all seeing eye.
The first official use of the all seeing eye dates back to 1797 when the Masons adopted the symbol as a seal. "And although our thoughts, words and actions, may be hidden from the eyes of man, yet that All-Seeing Eye, whom the Sun, Moon and Stars obey, and under whose watchful care even comets perform their stupendous revolutions, pervades the inmost recesses of the human heart, and will reward us according to our merits." ~ Thomas Smith Webb. The all seeing eye of God is a reminder that a Mason’s thoughts and deeds are always observed by God.
The fraternal order of police use an all seeing eye in their logo but all are not masons. They state "The open eye is the eye of vigilance ever looking for danger and protecting all those under its care while they sleep or while awake.