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Somewhere in between the wintry snowman and the ghost there’s a whimsical snowman ghost necklace pendant … normally seen in wintry white lands everywhere this snowman ghost doesn’t melt into a puddle as most do but simply rises into the mist ... spooky ghost jewelry

The snowman ghost was hand sculpted from a chunk of carving wax and lost wax cast in solid sterling silver.

- ghost measurements - 3/4" (18mm) x 3/8" (10mm)
- the ghost is 3D and detailed on all sides
- photographed with a US dime and inch ruler for scale
- metal - sterling silver (.925 silver)
- snowman ghost charm only - find chains here
- listing is for one ghost charm 

A bit about the origin of the English word ghost ~ it was derived from the Old English word gāst, a noun that meant spirit, soul, breath and angel.

Snow ghosts do exist ... usually seen haunting up high in the mountains they are trees covered in what looks like snow but is really rime ice - super cooled water droplets that freeze in a mix of wind, cloud and fog - and they accumulate layer after layer on the trees.
I still call spooky snow covered trees snow ghosts because that's what they look like though scientifically they are not ... boo!

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