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A magical hag stone necklace pendant, shaped like a ghost, a ghost hag stone pendant in sterling silver.

A hag stone is a stone with a naturally occurring circular hole through it, generally found in coastal areas or near rivers and mollusks or clam like creatures have bore holes into, and through, the stones.
When I would find one along the shoreline the first thing I did was gaze through the hole … and legend has it that the hole is like a lens allowing one to discover truths, spirits, ward off curses, and see the otherworld.
Throughout history these enchanting hag stones were believed to be magical … it’s said they’re protective amulets when worn as pendants or when suspended in the home, guarding against bad luck and evil.
It is said that the hole in a hag stone is just large enough to allow good fortune and good wishes to pass through it while all the bad and evil won’t fit through the hole and therefore cannot reach you.

- approximate measurement - 1“ (25mm) including loop x 3/4” (19mm)
- the hag stone is 3D and beautifully textured all around
- metal - recycled sterling silver (.925 silver)
- photographed with a US dime and inch ruler for scale
- charm only with the chain sold separately here.

I've selected the little ghost shaped hag stone from my collection of hag stones and I’ve sand cast it in recycled sterling silver.
I'll sand cast each hag stone as its ordered ... this will take some time and variations will occur naturally in the sand casting process.
Hand crafted jewelry for when how it's made matters.

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