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Show your patriotic spirit with a beautiful stars and stripes wax seal necklace pendant! Within the armorial shield are 3 five pointed stars over 3 stripes under an arrow in hand.
This stars and stripes crest is very similar to the family crest belonging to George Washington, his shield with 3 five pointed stars over 2 horizontal stripes (argent, two bars gules, above, three mullets gules), which is said to have inspired the American flag.
Patriotic wax seal jewelry.

"The red and white and starry blue Is freedom's shield and hope." ~ John Philip Sousa (Stars and Stripes Forever)

- symbolism -
In heraldry, the mullet, or star is symbolic of divine quality from above or the mark of the third son; the stripes represent a warrior or martyr and military strength; the hand represents a pledge of faith, sincerity, and justice; and the arrow represents a readiness for battle.

- approximate measurement - 5/8" x almost 3/4" (17mm x 18mm)
- wax seal charm metal - sterling silver (.925 silver)
- photographed with an old US dime for scale
- chain - a sterling silver cable chain with a spring ring clasp
- select the necklace chain length or just the charm at checkout

Hand crafted from an antique armorial desk wax seal that dates back to 1850.

Impressed with history!