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Cheers! Although the gentleman holding this tankard of ale or beer doesn't look too cheery. 
A beautiful little hinged trinket box or snuff box with a detailed image of a man raising his lidded tankard while sitting in a chair at a small desk or table, a letter or paper on the table ... did the letter share bad news? or a bill that couldn't be paid?  So curious! 

details - 
- age - likely dates between late 1800's - early 1900's
- measures 3 1/4" x 2" x 7/8"
- painted or lacquered a dark brown or black, I'm unsure of the material but I've included photos of the interior and where the paint is chipped away it looks like wood but it could be papier-mâché / paper mache, as many snuff boxes of this age were
- there is some surface cracking to the bottom of the interior and a tiny crack on the bottom under one of these interior cracks ... see the photos
- the hinge to the far left is slightly separated but it does not impair the proper closing of the box
- note the small crack on the back of the box under the hinge
- several tiny raised dots on top of the box - it appears to be tiny spatters of paint
- please review the photos to better understand my descriptions
- shows wear and tear as expected with age, sold as is

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