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Sweet organic tiny little silver and gold water cast earrings ... one of a kind jewelry

- approximate measurement - 1/4" (6mm) not including loop
- photographed with a US dime and an inch ruler for scale
- earring metal - sterling silver (.925 silver) and 14k yellow gold
- sterling silver ear wires - they come with earring guards so you don't lose an earring

the first 2 photos depict the earrings available with this listing and the remainder of the photos depict approximate size and steps of the earring process.

Hand crafted by water casting the tiny little sterling silver discs? splatters? drops? cups? saucers? bowls?  I'm really not sure how to describe their unique organic shapes but I've put the torch to silver wire to melt it. it forms a little molten ball at the end of the wire so when it gets heavy enough the ball drops into the water and creates these one of a kind organic little drops of silver.
next I did the same thing with some thin 14k yellow gold wire so the little organic shapes were much smaller than the silver.
then I put the two together, added a loop and ear wire to each and here we have the tiny one of a kind earrings ... truly each earring is one of a kind.

hand crafted jewelry because how it's made matters