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Add a little gemstone bead or pearl charm to your wax seal necklace, creating a cluster of charms!

- approximate measurement - 1/4” (5mm)
- gemstone beads and pearls vary naturally
- charm wrap metal - sterling silver (.925 silver)
- listing for just one charm
- charm bails approximately 3mm - 4mm ~ they do fit over my chains
- select bead at checkout

From the third photo, starting at the top and moving clockwise:
blue agate
faceted pyrite
sand colored vein agate
lavender rainbow flourite
rose quartz - 8mm
seafoam rainbow flourite
dyed howlite with purple, green and white specks
blue green azurite
blue vein agate
freshwater pearls (shown in a separate photo) are offered in white, silver or green (sold out) and size varies naturally, all approximate: silver pearl 5mm, white pearl 6 - 8mm, green pearl 7 - 8mm