All of our antique wax seals were previously owned by others but many of the wax seals in the Heritage Collection were actually engraved FOR the original owner.  Others are pieces of history ... US history, British history, Scottish history and more.

The armorial seals are one of a kind, and related to the heraldry of the original owner.   Heraldry is the practice of designing, displaying, describing and recording coats of arms and badges formally, some with mottos, often in Latin.  Interestingly, the origins of heraldry began because in battle or in jousting one could not see the participants face because it was covered, or hidden, by steel helmets, so participants would be identified by the armorial or heraldic family coat of arms on their shields or flags.

In all ages men have made use of figures of living creatures, mystical creatures, trees, flowers, and inanimate objects, as symbolical signs to distinguish themselves in war, or denote the bravery and courage of their chief or nation. 

Handed down from the past, rich in history, these unique treasures tell a story.  Covet yours and hand it down… continue to share the tradition of heritage.