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Custom listing for K - the original sterling ring cast from a carved wax

Bringing back the past with a sterling silver winged skull ring, reminiscent of historic 18th century winged skull mourning bands, also called the winged death's head mourning band.

- symbolism - 
In heraldry, a skull is symbolic of mortality.
Memento mori - remember you must die, the hour will not be known.
The winged skull conveys the message that life is a fleeting thing.

Hand carved from a chunk of pretty purple wax and cast in sterling silver. 

- approximate ring band width - just over 1/4" (8mm tall)
- ring metal - solid sterling silver, oxidized to show detail, and rather thick 2.5mm
- select US ring size 8

A little history ... mourning rings gained popularity in the 16th century as they became more accessible. The rings, with a stylized skull, sometimes set between wings, on the outer band, were usually inscribed to the interior with the deceased name or initials, the death date, sometimes the age at death and occasionally a sentiment.  It was customarily given to family, friends, and persons of note at funerals, a sentimental keepsake to comfort and console them in their loss and to remind them that death is inevitable.

The rings were usually paid for and bequeathed by the deceased, as testators would have outlined recipients and left funds in their wills to provide the rings with inscriptions for their loved ones to wear. 

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Impressed with history!

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