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A beautifully ornate gold Victorian hand necklace charm, the figural right hand holding an ouroboros split ring.

The 14k gold vermeil hand, detailed on both sides, has lovely cuff detail, a ring on her index finger, and is holding both the ouroboros and a small orb between her thumb and index finger.
The chain slips through a large bail opening, under the pear, and measures almost 1/4" (9mm x 5mm) so will accommodate most any chain.
The ouroboros, snake eating its own tail, is a split ring with a small overlap on the back side (see photo).

- hand measurement - 1 1/4" x 3/8" (31mm x 10mm)
- ouroboros size - 3/4" (18mm)
- total charm measurement - 1 3/4" x 3/4"
- metal - solid 3D sterling silver (.925 silver) with 14k gold vermeil
- photographed next to a US dime for scale
- hand charm only, the necklace chains are sold separately here.  
- the Victorian hand holding an ourorboros necklace charm in sterling silver is available here.

The hand is typical of the Victorian era but we haven't been able to positively date it.
The original antique ouroboros was gold and dates back to the 19th century.
We have borrowed these from history and reproduced them in sterling silver to share with you.

- symbolism -
The hand is the tool of tools. It represents strength, power and protection. It's also symbolic of loyalty, strength, romance, generosity, hospitality and stability. Historically, the hand has been and continues to be symbolic of greeting and friendship.
For centuries, the shape of the pear has represented the female form in the art world, and has been symbolic of femininity and fruitfulness.
In many cultures, the pear is a symbol of affection, inner peace, comfort, longevity and the Chinese believe it to be symbolic of immortality.
An ancient symbol, the ouroboros signifies infinity, eternity, and the cycle of life and death.  

Gold vermeil is a technique of plating that was developed by French artisans in the 18th century.
This high quality plating adds a thick layer of gold, in this case 2.5 microns of 14k gold, over .925 sterling silver.
It’s crafted only using precious metals so it is more hypoallergenic.
it should be stored it in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.
As with all jewelry, remove before bathing or applying perfume as this can cause dullness.

Impressed with history!

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