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Borrowing from history, a serpent hook, or snake hook, to suspend from a chain and gather your favorite charms, or to wear as is ... available in sterling silver.  Bronze is sold out.

- description -
A nicely detailed serpent with its head curved to create a hook and its tail, with a bead at the end, cleverly curled to form a loop bail through which to suspend a chain.
Notice the detail on both the front and back side of the charm. The serpent is solid, not hollow.
The hook would have hooked over a button, through a buttonhole, or over a belt.
Snake, or serpent, jewelry was very popular in the 19th century and was symbolic of eternity.

Important note - the serpent head is a bit large and does not allow some of our wax seal charms to slip over its head as is, so if you're ordering to wear with previously purchased suegray jewelry wax seal charms we're happy to swap out the rings/bails for larger ones so they will fit over the serpent head ... contact us for details.  Moving forward, we will be using larger rings/bails so this will not be an issue.
Charm bails with an inside diameter of 5mm or larger will easily slip over the serpent head and if your charm occupies very little space within that bail it's possible a 4mm inside diameter may fit over the serpent head.

The original 19th century coin silver serpent hook was part of an old watch chain and had a few rough spots and a blunt tail, shown in the last photograph, but was transformed with a little bit of love before being reproduced in sterling silver and bronze.

- serpent length - 1 1/4" (33mm)
- serpent width - 1/2" (13mm)
- bail loop - 6/32" (4.5mm) - it will accommodate a rather thick chain
- photographed with an old US dime for scale
- metal - sterling silver (.925 silver) - bronze is sold out
- listing is for one serpent hook
- the tiny skull wax seal charm is sold separately

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Impressed with history!

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