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Make a splash with a rustic verdigris patinated mermaid wax seal necklace charm ... enchanting wax seal jewelry. The lovely mermaid is holding her comb and mirror.

"I must be a mermaid... I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living" ~ Anais Nin

- symbolism -
In heraldry, the mermaid is symbolic of beauty, grace, eloquence, enchantment and mystery. She represents a safe voyage to those at sea.

- approximate measurement - 5/8" x 3/4” (17mm x 21mm)
- photographed with an old US dime for scale
- wax seal charm metal - bronze with a verdigris patina
- patina charm is well sealed but I would still recommend not getting it wet
- chains sold separately here
- the listing is for one charm 

Hand crafted from a lovely ornate antique sterling silver fob wax seal which dates to 1805 - 1815.

After impressing the seal into bronze, she is hand finished with a patina process that works its magic differently every time ... the results are always a wonderful surprise and each charm will be different. 

Impressed with history!