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This is a custom listing for theresa for 2 sea glass solar jars:
Light up your night with a sea glass solar jar... eco friendly beach decor that looks beautiful by day or by night, indoor or outdoor lighting.

A lovely housewarming garden gift or a gift for the hostess!

- description - 
- size - pint sized mason jar (16 oz)
- filled with authentic multi colored sea glass - a mix of dark and pale greens, white, some blue and a few brown sea glass pieces.
- topped with a solar lid 

The screw top lid has a little solar panel at the top which charges the rechargeable AAA battery within the lid. When the built in sensor detects enough darkness, the little light bulb in the lid illuminates the sea glass in the jar.

Shipping to US addresses only via medium box priority mail, insured, total shipping cost $16.

This listing is for two solar jars filled with sea glass and includes partial shipping costs ($10).  The remaining $6 shipping will be charged when you select first class mail at checkout.

The solar jars look great indoors or outdoors but require a place with full sun by day in order to charge the battery. 
In inclement weather when the jars don't get a full charge you can pop a regular AAA battery in the lid and the jar will light your night. 
Remember to bring indoors in inclement weather.