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Impressed with this fabulously ornate 18th century anchor crest fob wax seal depicting an anchor within an oval shaped shield, correctly called a lozenge, with embellished flowery supporters on either side, under a basket of flowers. The initials IM and EB flank the anchor.

The handle of the fob appears to be a lion standing on its hind legs, similar to a lion rampant but this lion appears to be leaning on something. His tail is curled up against his back. Notice the dotted detail the lion stands upon.
Typically, a fob seal has a loop at the top in order to attach it to a watch chain but this fob seal does not... it was likely worn away by time, love and use.

When sold to me it was described as Louis XV neo classique, likely because of it's decorative supporters with their sinuous curves and counter-curves. It was also said to have belonged to a French naval officer but I wonder if it could have belonged to the officer and his wife with the 2 sets of initials. The oval lozenge, which is not actually a shield, suggests that it belonged to a woman, so perhaps this officers widow? So much mystery but I'll leave the research to you.

- symbolism -
In heraldry, an anchor is symbolic of hope and religious steadfastness.

- approximate fob measurement - 1 1/8" (28mm)
- matrix measurement - just over 3/4" x 3/4" (21mm x 20mm)
- photographed with both an old US ruler depicting inches and an old US dime for scale
- metal - silver steel

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