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Raise your glass! Here's to a whimsical reversible sterling silver panel watch fob chain bracelet, each panel with a different toast or ditty. Oh so fob-ulous!

- description -

* 1st panel - “here’s to our wives & sweethearts, may they never meet”
- reverse - the American flag.

* 2nd panel - “here’s to love, the only fire against which there is no insurance” with a little winged person.
- reverse - “wine and women, mirth and laughter, sermons and soda the day after” with a well dressed gentleman lifting his glass to a well dressed curvy woman.

* 3rd - “the bubble winked at me and said, I'll miss you brother when you are dead” with a gentleman, sitting in a chair, raising his glass in toast.
- reverse - “good form but not formality” surrounding a curvy woman.

* last panel - a beer stein with a lid
- reverse - “the good die young, here's to your ripe old age.”

The watch fob panels are connected with rings and made into a bracelet with a variety of chains made to resemble an old watch chain, a swivel fob charm holder and a large lobster clasp ready to close on any of the chunky chain links to allow varying length options.
I like to wear this bracelet on the snug side.

fob panel metal - sterling silver (.925 silver)
jump rings and chain metal - sterling silver
clasps metal - sterling silver
bracelet width - 1" (24mm)
bracelet length - adjustable 6 1/2" - 8" (165mm - 200mm)
included charms - pressed glass bead (style and color will vary), bronze watch key, bronze curvy woman
additional charms available - sterling silver cocktail shaker, martini glass (photos 1 & 4)

I’ve cast the whimsical fob chain charms from a fabulous antique watch fob chain that likely dates back to between 1890 and 1910, during the art nouveau period.

Watch fob chains have been popular since the 16th century as a means to connect a pocket watch to a buttonhole or waistcoat so that the pocket watch could quickly be retrieved from the pocket. As time passed, the fobs and fob chains became more decorative, jewelry-like and more of a fashion statement.

Impressed with history!