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An accidental bracelet that came about while tinkering with a handful of sterling silver swivel fobs, so now available to you, too, a sterling silver swivel fob bracelet, an easily interchangeable charm bracelet, in a shiny or a dark oxidized sterling silver.

The swivel fob is reminiscent of the Georgian and Victorian Eras when both ladies and gentlemen would clasp their fobs, watches, charms and wax seals to a fob swivel that was attached to a short chain attached to a vest or waist coat, the swivel used to keep the chain from twisting so it would lie flat.

- description -
Use the silver swivel fob wax seal charm catcher for just one wax seal charm or cluster up to 2 or 3 charms together.
Each swivel fob link measures approximately 7/8" so to accommodate more bracelet lengths a round link is added to the bracelet.
For example, the following finished bracelet lengths are comprised of:
6 1/2" - 8 swivel fobs
6 3/4" - 8 swivel fobs and a ring
7 1/4" - 9 swivel fobs 
7 1/2" - 9 swivel fobs and a ring
8" -  10 swivel fobs
8 1/4" - 10 swivel fobs and a ring
if you need a longer length please contact us for a price before ordering.

The swivel fob holder opens by pushing the pivot near the base/swivel part of the charm. 

- each swivel fob approximate measurement - 7/8” x 1/4" (23mm x 8mm)
- metal - sterling silver (.925 silver)
- select bracelet length at checkout
- select shiny or antiqued oxidized finish
- wax seal charms sold separately
- photographed next to an old US dime

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Impressed with history!