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Straight from the heart, for the soft-hearted, empathetic and kind, a bleeding heart wax seal necklace charm in 14k gold vermeil, the all seeing eye with 6 tears, sits over the bleeding heart with two downward pointing arrows piercing the heart crosswise and 5 droplets of blood below it - thus, the bleeding heart.
Sentimental wax seal jewelry.

- symbolism -
Those who are overly empathetic are often described as bleeding hearts and it's as if their entire heart cries (blood).

- approximate measurement - 5/8" x 1/2" (15mm x 13mm)
- wax seal charm metal - sterling silver (.925 silver) with a 14k gold vermeil
- photographed with a US dime for scale
- chain - sold separately 

Impressed from a small silver wax seal that dates back to the late medieval age in the early 1600's, a popular motif in the 17th century.

Gold vermeil is a technique of plating that was developed by French artisans in the 18th century.
This high quality plating adds a thick layer of gold, in this case 2.5 microns of 14k gold, over .925 sterling silver.
It’s crafted only using precious metals so it is more hypoallergenic.

Care: it should be stored it in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.
As with all jewelry, remove before bathing or applying perfume as this can cause dullness.

The necklace chains are available here.

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Impressed with history!